Dive Into Robotics - Course Outline

Greetings to all!
Here's a not-so-brief informal outline for what all you'll be learning in the introductory robotics course taught by the Bennett Robotics club! 

Module 1 - Intro!

A superb peek into where you should see yourself going with this course. The idea is to explore some basic concepts of Robotics. This is the time you get comfortable with all the coding you'll every need to build basic robots.
  1. Adding colors to code- Introduction to Processing
  2. Playing with the 'Nature of Code'- Simulating randomness with Processing
  3. Inspiration from Natural Systems

Module 2- 'Arduining'

This is the time when you get to work with implementations of the basic elements of Robotics. 

We master the basics of 'Input-Output' with 4 simple projects for each that use minimal hardware.
  1.  Blink- The 'hello world' of Arduino.
  2.  PWM- Always high, but not too high.
  3.  Ingenious Multiplexing- 3 Pins vs 6 LEDs
  4.  Multiplexing
And then an analogous version for 'Input'- Push Buttons, analog input, some ingenious tricks for gathering multiple input.

Module 3- Sensors and Projects

Learn to use some of the most interesting off-the-shelf sensors and shields by building small projects. These projects include the all time popular-

  1. Obstacle avoiding Bot
  2. Line Follower Bot
  3. <Your unique robot here>
Module 4- Going Beyond Arduino

Its about time you walk out of the beginner section and start pushing the limits of Arduino and beyond.

1. Introduction to alternative Arduino firmwares
2. Other popular Microcontrollers
3. Connecting Processing and Arduino
4. Hardware Hacks!
5. Solve a real world problem!